Molly M - The Land of Stories Trailer02:29

Molly M - The Land of Stories Trailer

The Land of Stories Book Trailer

This blog is about Connor Bailey.

Connor Bailey never wanted to be a fairy but in the third book I think he was glad to be a fairy.

Connor Bailey

Twelve year old Connor Bailey, falling down

His full name is Connor Jonathan Bailey. He is most likely the older twin. In the third book Bree Campbell (Connor's love interest) said that they would be on a plane for half a day and with a little research I found out that the twins lived in California where Chris Colfer lived.

Connor is probably a little braver than his sister but loves her none the less. 

He has a not-so-secret admirer, Queen Trollbella. She forced him to kiss her in order to get out of the Troll and Goblin territory.

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